We will help you improve your running technique, create a training plan to develop endurance, prepare you for your first 5K or marathon run.

Our Goal - Your Result
Our Goal - Your Result
We make sure to deliver the best experience for every aspect of Running
  • Running Form
    We will help you develop the proper running technique
  • Physical fitness
    We will improve your physical fitness
  • Training Plan
    We will create a well-thought-out training plan for you
  • Achievement
    We will motivate and prepare you for achievements
  • Enjoyment
    We ensure that our training and learning experiences are engaging and enjoyable
  • Support
    We are here to help you with any question




  • Alexander Golubkov
    Showroom Director
    "Thanks to my coach Daniil Vasiliev, I have come an amazing way from the couch to the first half marathon. More to come!"
  • Pavel Khokhlov
    Head of IT Department
    "Group training with Georgy Maleev helped me improve my running performance and lifted my spirits."
  • Karina Sofinskaya
    "I liked the individual training very much. Quality work on improving technique with clear explanations."
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