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Saucony Road Running Line up review

Saucony road running shoes lineup consists of 16 models, each with exclusive advantages and drawbacks. This article acts as a comprehensive guide to all of them, aiming to simplify your decision-making process for your next purchase. Please note that we'll be using color coding from our running shoe classification video, so it's worth checking it out in advance.

The Ride 17 stands out as one of Saucony's most versatile models. It features PWRRUN+ foam, offering exceptional cushioning and responsiveness. It has remarkable foam insole and well-designed side walls for enhanced stability. The breathable upper ensures a comfortable and supportive experience. You can run slow in these shoes, you can run fast. It is balanced. However, there are models in the lineup, which are faster or more comfortable.

When it comes to speed, the Kinvara 14 takes the spotlight. Engineered with a lower stack height and an exceptionally lightweight upper without any additional elements, it ensures unparalleled lightness. This combination guarantees a swift and agile running experience. However, it's essential to note that while the Kinvara 14 excels in speed, its cushioning and lockdown may not meet the needs of beginners.

When it comes to comfort, the Triumph 22 is the go-to model. Boasting an increased stack height of PWRRUN PB foam, it delivers an even softer and bouncier feel, ensuring comfort and fun, particularly for larger runners. Enhanced sidewalls and padding contribute to a balanced experience, offering both stability and lockdown. These improvements establish the Triumph 22 as the most comfortable option in the lineup. However, it's worth noting that its slightly heavier and bulkier build may be a consideration for some users.

ECHELON 9 are the shoes for really big runners. Saucony understood, that these runners have wider feet, so they offered roomy fit. Saucony understood, that they hardly could be pushed by bouncy foam, so they offered stiffer PWRRUN foam to guarantee stability and durability. These shoes are great for big boys and girls, however heavy and less dynamic.

The GUIDE 17 stands out as a model designed for enhanced stability. Featuring a more stable PWRRUN foam alongside a broader platform, higher sidewalls, and an asymmetric profile to guide your stride While each of these improvements on its own may not significantly increase stability, together they form what Saucony calls CenterPath Technology, ensuring excellent stability for any runner. However, it's important to note that these enhancements are not geared towards speed; they increase the weight of the shoes and make them less dynamic. Nonetheless, for runners prioritizing stability over speed, the GUIDE 17 proves to be a reliable choice.

The Tempus is a hybrid shoe, blending features for both speed and stability. It incorporates the bouncier PWRRUN PB foam and a lower stack height to enhance speed, along with the Contoured PWRRUN Frame to increase stability. This combination caters to runners who require stability while also aiming to maintain a faster pace during races. However, it is a bit challenging for me to understand their place, RIDE17 will be much better for these runners.

The Omni 22 is specifically tailored for runners with severe overpronation. It incorporates a reinforcement on the inner side known as the Hallow-Tech guidance system, which serves as a wedge to mitigate excessive overpronation. It's important to note, however, that this model is not recommended for runners with neutral pronation or those who already possess significant running experience. The increased weight and bulkiness of the Omni 22 may not be suitable for their needs.

The Endorphin Speed 4 introduces several newness to enhance Speed. It features a distinct bevel in the front to secure more efficient strides. It features a nylon plate, which is not the most rigid, but still help you activate the swing effect. Furthermore, it incorporates bouncier PWRRUN PB foam to ensure great responsiveness. When these three elements are combined, the result is a notably fast model designed to help runners achieve quicker paces on race days. However, it's important to recognize that these improvements come at the expense of stability.

The Kinvara Pro serves as a variation tailored for larger runners, addressing their specific needs. It incorporates a higher stack height to offer increased cushioning, essential for providing comfort during longer runs. Moreover, it integrates additional lockdown elements to minimize movement within the shoe. Most notably, it incorporates a layer of PWRRUN foam to augment durability and stability, crucial for accommodating the higher demands placed on the shoe by bigger runners. However, it's worth noting that these enhancements may result in decreased dynamic performance of the model.

The SINISTER is first model from speed segment for Saucony. It prioritizes lightness, achieved through minimal midsole construction and an ultralight upper. As a consequence, this model feels almost weightless on the foot. However, it's important to note that the level of cushioning and comfort is kept to a minimum in this model.

The ENDORPHIN PRO 4 utilizes the most responsive foam in Saucony's lineup, the PWRRUN HG. It is fused together with PWRRUN PB to deliver smooth and efficient ride. Additionally, it incorporates a carbon plate to optimize the swing effect, securing enhanced propulsion and speed. The upper is designed to be exceptionally lightweight, devoid of any additional elements that could weigh it down. However, it's important to note that this combination result in lower stability and lockdown compared to other models in the lineup.

The ENDORPHIN ELITE is the craziest model in the lineup. It utilizes only PWRRUN HG foam, known for its exceptional responsiveness but also for being less predictable compared to other foams. Upper is the lightest, which can result in a less comfortable fit compared to other models. In the end it is a torture machine, but the one which will bring you first to the finish line, so that you are not experiencing it too long.

The TIDE 2, AXON 3, COHESION 17, and CONVERGENCE models represent the budget-friendly versions of their counterparts mentioned earlier. While they may utilize slightly less breathable and bouncy materials, they still maintain their status as solid running shoes.

And this is the final lineup scheme for Saucony. Every time I create such a scheme, someone asks me about trail models. Trail running shoes will be covered in a separate article. Please be patient.