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Puma Road Running Line up review

Puma is one of the leading sport brands, their running shoes lineup consists of 11 models. Each model has special features and a distinct purpose. If you read this article till the end, you will learn all the details and be able to choose the best for you.

The first model in our review is the Velocity NITRO 3. It offers balanced features within the Puma range. Nitrogen-infused foam provides excellent cushioning, while durable rubber compound outsole ensures multi-surface traction. The TPU heel spoiler enhances stability. Overall, it's a great value for the price, although there are more comfortable or faster models available in the range.

An example of more comfort is the Magnify NITRO 2. This model features an increased stack height of NITROFOAM, which enhances cushioning and comfort, making these shoes more suitable for beginners or heavyweight runners. Increased padding on the heel collar and tongue further elevates comfort. However, these improvements come at the cost of added weight, making it a bit more challenging to run fast in these shoes.

If we also care about safety, then the ForeverRun NITRO model is for us. In addition to increased stack height and a comfortable upper, these shoes offer RUNGUIDE technology—a firm density guide rail designed to keep your foot aligned and centered through each stride. This technology is especially helpful for beginners to prevent injuries due to unprepared legs. However, for experienced runners, this technology may limit their potential.

If we care about speed, then the Deviate NITRO 2 is for us. This model features a distinct bevel on the front, a high stack height, and a composite plate. Combination of these elements helps activate a swing effect, when you press on the front and get a push to the heel. It's worth noting that composite plate is not the stiffest, however easier to control. Additionally, these shoes feature a more responsive foam, NITROFOAM Elite. Since the upper is still designed for comfort, this model is a great choice for amateurs looking to run faster. The downside of this model is decreased stability.

If we want to run even faster to set personal bests, then the Deviate NITRO Elite 2 is for us. These shoes feature an even bouncier foam, although it bears the same name. They also include a carbon plate, which more efficiently transfers energy from the swing effect. The upper is lighter and more breathable, ensuring no excuses on race day. These shoes are fast, although less comfortable and stable.

For professional athletes, Puma offers even more advanced models: the Fast-R NITRO Elite and FAST-FWD NITRO Elite. Their key features include a lightweight upper, which sacrifices comfort, and a special shoe geometry with numerous cuts to ensure minimal weight. However, it's important to note that this geometry is tailored for a specific stride. Even being just an inch off can mean you're not only missing out on their advantages but also risking injury due to the foam material not being optimized for your stride. These shoes are strictly for pros. The difference between them lies in the fact that FAST-FWD is the lightest and designed for 5 km races, while Fast-R is optimized for running efficiency to maintain a fast pace in longer races.

Next up is the Liberate NITRO 2. While this model could be considered a budget version, given Puma's limited offerings, let's give it some consideration. It features a decreased stack height and fewer lockdown elements on the upper. As a result, these shoes are lighter and ideal for running faster. However, the cushioning and comfort levels are decreased.

Electrify NITRO 3 could also be considered a budget option, but the improvements it brings actually elevate it to another category. This model features stiffer foam on top of a TPU heel spoiler, ensuring increased stability, which is beneficial for beginners. However, the decreased cushioning may not be ideal for beginners, limiting the usability of this model to lightweight beginners.

Finally, Scend Pro and Night Runner v3 are budget versions of the current range. They feature slightly less fascinating materials but are still suitable for running.

And this concludes the final overview of Puma's lineup. I hope this article helps you become acquainted with all the models and aids you in selecting the best fit for your needs. Don't forget to share it with your running friends so they can benefit too.