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Nike Downshifter 13

It's truly remarkable what Nike has achieved with these shoes, all at an incredible price of just 75 bucks. With such a price you expect average performance, while these shoes not only meet expectations but surpass them with exceptional quality. Join us today as we delve into the features and performance of the Nike Downshifter 13 in this comprehensive review.

The first thing you notice in these shoes is increased stability. This happens due to the foam being rather stiff, and more importantly, the additional deep bumpers on the sides help to lock the heel in place and limit any wobbling. This makes these shoes extremely attractive for new runners.

What surprise is level of cushioning. We thought it wouldn't be enough due to the midsole stack height not being that significant. However, it is fulfilling. These shoes can easily handle small and average weight runners, and only larger individuals should consider other shoes from the maximum cushioning segment. So, you get a shoe with increased stability and outstanding cushioning. It's hard to imagine better shoes for new runners.

The lockdown is also on point in these shoes. The heel counter and additional elements on the sides contribute to it. Also, the double-layer mesh makes it a bit tighter across the entire length. However, the double-layer mesh is a bit less breathable, so you should not consider these shoes for the hot season.

Comfort is very solid. Double-layer mesh is almost always more comfortable than single-layer. On top of that, you have a well-thought-out heel with additional thickness against blisters and a really nice tongue with additional thickness. An absolutely amazing combination to ensure a high level of comfort.

Responsiveness is not that high in these shoes. The basic stiff EVA foam does not provide a flying sensation to these shoes. However, we do not see it as a disappointment since experienced runners usually do not look for a stability-cushioning combination like this.

One more fact worth mentioning is that there is a heel bevel in the midsole, making the shoes a bit uncomfortable for daily life. Since we focus our review on running, it does not affect our opinion at all. But if you consider these shoes for daily life, we suggest you pay attention to it.

Durability is solid in these shoes; they can easily withstand 600km and more. The grip is also solid with increased rubber threading on the outsole.

All in all, we think that it's an insane combination of characteristics. The shoes are stable, cushy, comfortable, with sufficient lockdown. We literally see no drawbacks. And all of it for just 75 bucks. We believe it is the best shoe for new runners to start their sports journey. However, experienced runners should not consider these shoes because responsiveness is not that high, and they will not be able to achieve fast times in these shoes. Also, the double-layer mesh is less breathable, and since experienced runners run a lot, their sweating in these shoes will be increased. We give these shoes an A grade, and it is well-deserved. Only a few shoes have better combinations.