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New Balance 680v8

Softness and cushioning are simply unreal in these shoes; they almost transport you to heaven. However, it's a deceptive comfort because after about half an hour, you might start to feel a significant amount of discomfort.

The New Balance 680v8 is one of the entry-level models of the brand. A key feature is increased stack height of Fresh foam midsole. Fresh foam is extremely soft and provides an unmatched amount of cushioning. It is not that bouncy, which is not that important, since you will probably use these shoes for daily life or recovery runs. However, this comfort due to cushioning is misleading.

These shoes completely lack stability. It happens due to 3 main features. First, as mentioned, the soft midsole could compress slightly differently with each step, creating additional pressure on your stability muscles. Second is the increased flexibility of the shoes, which also creates additional tension on your foot. And finally, lack of any elements, which will support the foot. Finally, there's a lack of any elements that would support the foot. These shoes won't help you with recovery runs; rather, they might make your exercise even harder.

This fact isn't limited to running. These shoes are highly not recommended for daily use, especially if your daily routine requires a lot of time on your feet.

The upper uses a double-layered engineered mesh, which is well done. Although double layers are usually considered less breathable, this one actually brings a lot of air into the shoe box. It's accompanied by a bit of thickness on the tongue and cushioning pads around the ankle, making it really comfortable. And if you combine it with first impression from soft midsole, you clearly understand why you immediately want to buy these shoes after trying them on in the store..

Lock down is rather loose in these shoes. You have extra elements in front and reasonable heel counter, but it is not outstanding. However, this fact makes these shoes even more comfortable to slip into.

Finally, the outsole is made from great rubber, guaranteeing reasonable grip on any surface and durability even after 600 kilometers or more.

So, these shoes are comfortable when you first put them on. However, after a day in them, you might feel quite worn out. That's why we don't recommend them for running or daily activities that require a lot of time on your feet. But they could still be suitable for wearing to the office, especially if your work mainly involves sitting at a desk, providing increased breathability and comfort in such cases.