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Mizuno Road Running Line up review

The Mizuno Road running shoes lineup consists of 13 models. In this video you will learn how they differ from one another, their advantages and disadvantages. To better understand the review, I strongly recommend watching my running shoe classification video, which helps to better understand the different types of shoes.

The first model we'll look at is the WAVE RIDER 27. It offers great Cushioning thanks to MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM. It offers great stability thanks to MIZUNO WAVE plate located below the heel in the midsole. It has great comfort thanks to Engineered Mesh Upper, while the additional elements on the upper and stiff heel counter ensure a secure lockdown. Its characteristics are well-balanced, making it the most versatile model in the entire Mizuno lineup. However, if you prioritize either comfort or speed, there may be better models available within the range.

The next model we are looking at is the WAVE NEO WIND. It shares many similarities with the WAVE RIDER, but it is made only from materials with a low environmental impact. Consequently, these shoes are much better for the planet as they generate less waste. However, due to the nature of these materials, they may not offer the same level of cushioning or lockdown. As a result, this model is slightly worse in every aspect.

The WAVE NEO ULTRA is a further development of the WAVE NEO WIND. It features a higher stack height, ensuring better cushioning and comfort, but this also makes the shoes heavier and bulkier. This model utilizes the same sustainable materials, which have a positive impact on the planet. However, in general, I do not consider these two models as real running models, as their primary advantage lies in lifestyle rather than performance.

The Following model is the Wave Revolt 3. This model features a slightly lower stack height and fewer lockdown elements, which contribute to its lightweight design. It's an excellent choice for runners aiming to achieve a bit more speed on race day. However, inexperienced runners should be aware that the reduced cushioning may lead to some discomfort in their legs.

Now let's cover support shoes from Mizuno's lineup. The first one is the Wave INSPIRE 20. Unlike the WAVE RIDER, the WAVE INSPIRE uses the 'support wave', which is extra reinforced on the inner side. It creates a wedge that prevents excessive overpronation. This solution is recommended for inexperienced runners with overpronation, but it does make the shoes slightly more bulky and less dynamic.

The next support shoes are the Wave HORIZON 7. In addition to the 'support wave', these shoes feature a wider base, further increasing stability. They also have an increased stack height to guarantee exceptional cushioning and comfort. However, due to these changes, these shoes are the heaviest and least dynamic across all Mizuno models.

At this point, I'd like to mention that I am actively seeking partnerships with companies that can help me obtain new shoes. I am happy to feature your logo on further brand schemes, which will be seen by thousands of runners during the selection process. All I need is new shoes for reviews to ensure my bank account stops being in the negative.

The next model is the Wave Skyrise 5. It features the MIZUNO ENERZY CORE material, which is currently the bounciest material in the entire running universe. This promises an outstanding feeling in these shoes. However, the issue with this material is that it is almost liquid and cannot hold its shape. As a result, normal stiff foam needs to be added around this material, reducing the level of craziness from exceptionally crazy to reasonably crazy. Similar characteristics can be found in some racing shoes from other brands. The extra level of bounce creates instability, which is not recommended for inexperienced runners.

The following model is the Wave Sky 7. It features the same innovative MIZUNO ENERZY CORE material for added bounce. Additionally, it has an increased stack height, ensuring exceptional cushioning and comfort. The stretch upper enhances comfort further. However, these improvements make shoes less dynamic, because weight is increased and lock down is decreased.

The next model is the Wave Rebellion Flash 2. It features a lighter midsole material and a fiberglass plate, which, while not the stiffest, still aids in creating a swing effect. Increased stack height and a bevel in front helps these shoes to facilitate rolling. These improvements prioritize agility and responsiveness. However, this comes at the cost of stability. Therefore, these shoes are not recommended for inexperienced runners or those with severe overpronation.

By the way, all colors i use correlate to my classification scheme, and you may wonder why Rebellion Flash is not classified as a speed segment. While it may be considered a speed model within the Mizuno range, it is not necessarily the fastest across all brands. To be identified as a speed segment, a shoe typically requires bouncier foam and carbon plate.

And the next model does Showcase exactly that. The model is the Wave Rebellion PRO 2. It features a carbon plate, a lightweight and bouncy combination of midsole materials, and a more aggressive design to aid in rolling. This is by far the fastest model in the Mizuno range. However, it is also by far the most unstable, meaning that only very experienced runners could use it.

Meanwhile, Mizuno also has an old-school speed model – the Wave Rebellion Sonic 2. These shoes feature minimal stack height, the lightest upper, and the absence of any lockdown or stability elements. As a result, you get extremely light shoes with minimal comfort. You may wonder why they are needed in the lineup, if the Rebellion PRO is faster and lighter. Well, this model offers significantly better durability and stability, making it suitable for a wider audience and for longer use.

The final two models I want to present are the Wave Prophecy 13 and WAVE CREATION 25. They feature the Infinity Wave, which looks amazing. However, from a performance standpoint, there are no strong arguments in their favor. If you don't mind, I will just keep it like this, a bit aside.

So, this is the final scheme for Mizuno. Every time I create such a scheme, someone asks me about trail models. Trail running shoes will be covered in a separate video. If you want to get it faster, please consider making a small donation or becoming a membership subscriber.