ASICS offers an impressive range of shoes, from the Novablast to the Metaspeed and Kayano. However, this particular model surpasses them all. While this statement may sound bold, we're fully prepared to support it with compelling evidence throughout this article.

You are looking at the ASICS GEL-PULSE 15. This model has been significantly improved compared to previous years. It now features an amazing FlyteFoam midsole, a great upper, and a progressive design. But what makes it the best ASICS are changes in ASICS range. Previously, the CUMULUS was the balance model, while the Novablast was a bouncier version. However, the Cumulus has shifted towards more cushioning and weight, while the Novablast has lost some of its bounce. It still remains slightly bouncier, but also a bit more unstable and heavier. While GEL-PULSE 15, with its new midsole is elevated towards a center, making it the new best ASICS model. I've always been a fan of this model, but I could never guess that this would happen.

Let's begin our review by highlighting the exceptional new midsole. While not the softest, it provides plenty of cushioning. There is also a small insert of GEL inside to enhance its effectiveness. Responsiveness may not be the best for racing, but it is still more than enough for tempo training. The fact that this is a lightweight foam significantly helps with it. This model is lighter than most models in the ASICS range, including the Novablast and Cumulus.

Stability of this cushioned yet lightweight model is exceptional. First, foam is a little stiff, it helps with it a bit. Second, there are decent bumpers on the sides, which form a heel cup to balance the foot during landing and takeoff. Same heel cup is present in the insole, which features an improved Ortholite version. Overall, the stability level is suitable even for beginners, although heavier beginners with leg issues should be a bit carefool in this model.

Transition in this model is smooth, thanks to a bevel in the front combined with the stiffness of the foam. It helps us with easy progression from one step to the next and make us a bit more dynamic.

The upper is constructed from double-layered engineered mesh, complemented by large, soft and comfortable pads in the heel collar and tongue, providing optimal comfort for both running and daily wear. Double-layered mesh is a bit less breathable, which makes it less suitable for hot weather, but more appropriate for colder conditions.

The lockdown is excellent, with a large, rigid heel counter and additional elements on the sides and front of the shoe ensuring a secure fit during runs. The outsole is also improved, featuring AHAR+ rubber for reliable grip on any surface. Durability is not a concern, as FlyteFoam will not wear off quickly.

In summary, the ASICS GEL-PULSE 15 offers an exceptional combination of characteristics, making it suitable for everyone, from beginners looking to improve their speed to experienced runners seeking versatile training shoes. It's an S grade model that deserves a place in everyone's wardrobe.

Perhaps we were too hasty in dubbing it the best ASICS, as the Novablast offers comparable performance with slightly more responsiveness. However, considering the reasonable cost of the GEL-PULSE 15 compared to the Novablast, it's still a standout choice.