History shows no mercy. As time progresses, things that once reigned supreme are inevitably replaced by newer innovations. Remember when people relied on paper maps for navigation? Now, GPS systems lead our way. Remember how the Samurai once governed Japan? They were eventually surpassed by modern weaponry.

What you are looking at is the last Samurai. The pinnacle of the past, a no-go for the future. These shoes still offer exceptional cushioning, breathability, and ride, which were crafted and Perfected by Japanese masters. However, in the era of digital design and progressive materials, they stand little chance. For me it is a sad review, Emotional reminder of change.

The upper of these shoes is a work of art, featuring Jacquard mesh for exceptional breathability and comfort, supplemented by synthetic leather overlays for structural support and durability. In new models we see engineered mesh, where density and stitch technic vary in different parts. This allow to reduce the weight significantly. However, if you do not care about the weight and only care about comfort, this is superior solution. Thanks to these additional overlays across the entire length, you also have exceptional lock down to ensure a secure fit during runs.

The cushioning in these shoes is excellent. ASICS use AMPLIFOAM technology here. However, technology name means nothing, since in some models AMPLIFOAM is soft, in some is dense. In this case, it leans towards stiffness, providing ample cushioning and stability. Furthermore, Ortholite insoles enhance cushioning and absorb shock, while additional sidewalls improve stability during landing. The minus of this foam is that it feels dull. There is no significant bounce in it, which we can see across all new models. Also, it is pretty heavy technology, so you definitely should not use these shoes as a race day shoes.

The shoes feature a thick outsole made from stiff rubber, providing excellent grip and durability on any surface. When you combine this durability with durability of upper with additional overlays and with durability of rather stiff midsole, you learn the second biggest advantage of these shoes – it will serve you for a long period of time.

Lastly, the transition while running in these shoes feels remarkably smooth and pleasant. Nothing feels wrong or unnatural. You do not have any specific roll all extra bounce, but yet they offer comfort and joy in the simple act of running.

This is why shoes like these held the top spot 20-30 years ago. They feel good. They built well. They bring joy. New trends are super softness, ultra-lightweight designs, extremely low durability. These shoes, like Samurai, are not part of this modern world. And I really hope that they will at least stay like New Balance 530 or adidas supernova cushion in Fashion segment. They truly deserve it.