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adidas Duramo Speed

These Shoes are made to be fast, to do long runs, to be worn by experienced runners. Priced at only 90 bucks, they offer exceptional lightness, breathability, and running efficiency. These are ADIDAS DURAMO SPEED and today you will learn, who can consider them as their next running companion.

The first thing you notice about these shoes is their high stack. Thanks to this, cushioning is exceptionally good, suitable even for heavy runners doing their first runs. It also works exceptionally well for experienced runners during long runs, reducing shock and allowing a focus on endurance.

Adidas uses lightstrike foam material here, which is a bit lighter and stiffer. While this material is slightly less durable, it will still easily last for 600km or more. The responsiveness of this foam is average, meaning you shouldn't expect personal records in these shoes. The stiffness helps a little with instability, which we will discuss in a minute.

Due to the high stack and overall narrow style, these shoes require some experience and precision in your movements. For example, if you have slight overpronation, it would be increased in these shoes as there is nothing to stop it. The stiff foam helps with it a bit, but not significantly. Therefore, it is important that new runners do not consider these shoes as a pick for them; they are more suitable for experienced runners.

Another advantage of the high stack is the roll. The noticeable bevel in the front naturally helps your foot transition into the next stride, making these shoes extremely suitable for long runs, significantly increasing running efficiency.

But probably the best part of these shoes is the upper. It is ridiculously amazing for 90 bucks shoes. There are special zones for breathability in the front and on the sides, and reinforcements make the shoes more comfortable and prevent blisters. This is probably the best you could find for fast yet comfortable runs.

Lockdown is also at the needed level. Since mostly experienced runners will use these shoes, an increased amount is necessary, and you have it with additional elements on the front, on the sides, and on the heel

Adidas uses Adiwear outsole here, which is a basic rubber material and has no problems securing you on pavement or city park trails.

The combination is great. These shoes are cheap, comfortable, breathable, and great for long runs. However, they lack stability. Is this enough to be A-grade shoes for experienced runners? Unfortunately, not. For example, Adidas has ADIZERO BOSTON in the same segment but higher, while other brands also have more superior shoes that are rated A and above. Mainly, they offer more responsiveness thanks to plates infused in the midsole. So it is a solid B-grade shoe.

All in all, it is an exceptionally good shoe for its money. You can train in it to achieve better results in more responsive shoes. You can be sure that cushioning, comfort, and breathability are at the highest level. Do you really need responsiveness for training? – No. While stability is only an issue for new runners, who should definitely stay away from it.