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adidas Duramo SL

Today, we're diving into the world of affordable running shoes with the Adidas Duramo SL, priced at just 70 bucks. Despite their budget-friendly tag, these kicks look fresh, stylish, fast. But the big question remains – do they pack everything you need for a great running experience? Stick around for this video, as we uncover the ins and outs of the Adidas Duramo SL, exploring if they truly deliver on both looks and performance.

Unfortunately, we have to start the review with a straightforward negative comment. These shoes are not designed for running due to a serious lack of lockdown. The upper mesh is indeed comfortable and soft, easily comparable to the Yeezy concept, providing a sock-like feel. However, this level of comfort is not suitable for running; you need the mesh to be reinforced or additional lockdown elements, both of which are entirely missing here. This is precisely why we make this bold statement about running in these shoes – we do not recommend it. Nevertheless, it is a great combination for your daily life, offering much more comfort than some running models.

The cushioning in these shoes is below average. Adidas uses Lightmotion foam here, which is basic EVA foam. However, the issue lies not in the material itself but in the amount of foam, which is insufficient. The shoes are meant to be light, resulting in a smaller stack height. In the end, this means only lightweight individuals will feel comfortable in these shoes. Average and heavy-weight runners should only consider them if they prefer less cushioned shoes.

Since the shoes have a low stack height and the foam material is pretty stiff, they provide pretty nice stability. Every stride feels like the previous one, making them a reliable companion for your daily runs from this stability perspective.

Adidas uses Adiwear outsole here, which is a basic rubber material and has no problems securing you on pavement or city park trails. Overall durability is at a really high level because all elements are made out of proven materials, so you should not expect them to break after 600km.

Unfortunately, from a running perspective, we can only rate these shoes as an E grade. Only light runners who do not really care about lockdown can use these shoes for running without any consequences. All others will find it challenging. Still, if you buy them for daily life, it could actually be an advantage because the lack of lockdown elements means more comfort.

So, as a summary, these 70 bucks shoes may not serve you well during your running experience. However, going forward, we will cover shoes from other brands in this price range that actually can.

As an ending for this video, we want to highlight that we are actively searching for a partner who could provide us with free shoes for testing. Unfortunately, this hobby of creating a video is not only time-consuming but also expensive since shoes are pretty costly nowadays. From our side, we will make sure to create an advertisement for this partner.